Waboba Extreme Ball

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  • The ball that really bounces on water!
  • Add a new dimension to your pool parties
  • Play by the established rules or create your own
  • Include any number of players
  • Strong material can sustain rough handling

Product Details

The latest craze to hit the European shores this summer. The ball that bounces on water provides hours of entertainment. Just throw the ball and watch it bounce across the water at supersonic speeds. Highly addictive water sports sensation!

The Waboba is made of patented materials and has a lycra coating. The mix of different polyurethanes makes the ball bounce and float on water. The ball is made to endure some rough handling, but do not bounce it on the ground or on walls.

How to play?

The easiest way to have fun with a wabobaball is to simply throw it so that it bounces on the water between you. Try different angles, catching it with one hand, bouncing it on waves etc. The idea of the game is to pass between team members, three in each team, without loosing the ball to the other team. When all team members have caught the ball at least once, without interruption and with at least one bounce on water in each pass, the team gets one point (one round). The opposing team shall try to interrupt passes and start passing within their team. First team to three rounds wins the match. You have to pass the ball within 5 seconds after receiving it. It is allowed to tackle opponents, but not the player that has the ball. You are not allowed to hold an opponent. To play tournaments you need the Match Game rules, you can download them here.



  • One Waboba Ball EXTREME, the latest watersports sensation
  • Ultra bouncy on water makes ball games even more fun!