Unicorn Travel Mug

FIZZ 9060
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  • Enjoy your favorite blend anytime, anywhere
  • A great gift for unicorn fans and coffee lovers
  • Spill-proof lid - perfect for coffee on the go
  • Removable rubbery grip allows you to hold even the freshest, hottest coffee
  • 16oz(450ml) is enough to give you a much needed jump start in the morning

Product Details

Coffee is magical: its restorative and energising powers well known to all who brave perilous morning commutes. Although we can’t make things easier by granting you a magical steed to whisk you on your way, the Unicorn Travel Mug will house your morning java potions, it’s bright rainbow and stars design alluding to the life giving elixir inside.

The Unicorn Travel Mug holds 16oz and comes complete with a screw-top, spill proof lid and a removable rubbery grip.


  • One Unicorn Travel Mug
  • Plastic
  • Includes:
    • Screw-top, spill proof lid
    • Removable rubbery grip
  • Holds 16oz
  • Stands 18cm tall approx.
  • Hand wash only
  • Retail Packaged