Unicorn Barf Candy

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  • Fruity and sour Unicorn Barf candy strips
  • Tangy mixed fruit flavours
  • The ideal gift for anyone who’s unicorn mad!
  • 70g per packet

Product Details

How is this mysterious candy made? Unicorn Barf occurs when our mythical horse-relatives ingest human food. With the lack of magical fibre not sitting quite right with them, their stomachs reject the food by dusting it in sugar and expelling it back out into the world.

As they do so, it is molecularly structured into convenient strips of green, red, yellow and blue, and this is where we capture it and make it available to you! With just the right balance of consumable human food and magic, Unicorn Barf will have you neighing in approval.


  • One Unicorn Barf packet
  • Sour tutti frutti candy strips
  • Streaky rainbow colour scheme of blue, yellow, red and green
  • Adorable pink packaging with the depiction of a white and purple regurgitating unicorn
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Makes an amazing snack or sweet dessert
  • 70g per packet