Toilet Award

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  • The award for best visit to the khazi goes to you!
  • Finally, the recognition you deserve
  • Looks just like a solid gold academy award
  • Add some of that Hollywood glitz to your bathroom

Product Details

If you think your last trip to the porcelain throne deserves recognition, then look no further than the Toilet Award Toilet Brush. As the name implies, this stunning golden statuette is actually a toilet brush in disguise - so do make sure to clean up after yourself. Cleanliness is next to godliness after all.

The Toilet Award Toilet Brush is the perfect gift for those who make a gala out of visiting the garderobe. The statuette stands approx. 38cm tall and proudly clutches a golden toilet seat.


  • Toilet Award Toilet Brush
  • Looks like a solid gold academy award
  • One closer inspection, this resplendent statuette is actually a toilet brush and stand
  • Made from ABS Plastic
  • Dimensions approx: 38cm (H) x 11cm (W) x 11cm (D)