Thumbs Up Touch Boombox Speaker

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  • Easy to use - just place your device onto the Touch Boombox Speaker
  • NFA technology - you don't need anything else to amplify the music
  • Great for outdoor use where there's no electricity or Wi-Fi
  • Works with iPhones, iPod Touch, and most smartphones
  • Battery charges via USB cable (included)
  • Up to 10 hours of play per charge - enough for any party

Product Details

Place your Smartphone or Mp3 player onto the Touch Boombox Speaker to amplify your music to new levels, all without wires, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi!

Thanks to some sort of awesome mash up of a ghetto blaster and the original Touch Speaker - and looking somewhat like a jet engine - the Touch Boombox Speaker is portable and easy to use. Great for parties, BBQs and picnics; switch music devices quickly and on the fly, without any need for syncing.

Just using the Touch Boombox Speaker is a party trick in itself, thanks to the magic of Near Field Audio Technology. Compatible with all iPhones, iPod Touch and most smartphones with external speakers.


  • One Touch Boombox Speaker
  • Wireless, high quality portable sound using NFA technology
  • No need for wires, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or syncing - Just place your device on the speaker!
  • Just Place your device on the Touch Boombox Speaker for instant amplification
  • Built-in rechargeable battery, charge via included micro USB cable
  • 10 hours playtime approx per charge
  • Compatible with smartphones and mp3 players with external speakers
  • Also includes standard 3.5mm jack connection (cable not included)
  • Protective silicone casing