The Voting Game

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  • Discover new things about your friends as you cast votes about each other in hypothetical and nonsense situations
  • Enjoy plenty of laughter as the personality of each player is revealed
  • Ideal for playing in a party of 4 to 10 friends
  • Perfect for parties or as a gift for fans of party games or for any of your friends

Product Details

Ever been curious to know your friend’s strangest secrets and most ridiculous quirks? The Voting Game is a hilarious way to sniff them out. Who is most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse? Who spends more time at the pub than at work? Whose Google search history would you most like to see? Each round, a question in tabled and players anonymously vote for the most likely candidate. Tally the results, reveal them to the group, and learn about your friendships all while having a laugh. Makes a great addition to any gathering and a perfect gift for the party host in your circle of friends.

The Voting Game is an adult party game suitable for ages 17 and up, and is designed for 4-10 players. Includes 200 question pards, 90 voting cards, and 5 game variants.


  • One The Voting Game Party Game
  • Discover hilarious truths about your friendships
  • Includes:
    • 200 x question cards
    • 90 x voting cards
    • 5 game variants
  • Suitable for 4-10 players
  • Recommended for Ages 17+