The PPK Rubber Band Gun

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  • Its sleek design makes it look very stylish and suave
  • The sidearm of choice for the world’s most famous cinematic spy
  • More robust than the classic plastic toy handguns
  • Easy to use

Product Details

Whether you’re on a dangerous spy mission, pretending to be a New York gangster or just wanting to bother your mate at work by firing relentless rubber bands in their general direction, The Walther PPK Rubber Band Gun is designed for all eventualities.

Constructed from high-quality hardwoods, this easy to load and shoot PPK Rubber Band Gun has the ability to semi-automatically fire rubber bands up to 20ft which is more than enough distance to complete your stealthy mission.


  • One Walther PPK Rubber Band Gun
  • Modelled on the classic Walther PPK handgun
  • Designed using robust, high-quality hardwoods: Maple
  • Semi-automatically fires 5 rubbers bands up to 20ft
  • 50 rubber bands included