The 1911 Rubber Band Gun

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  • Mesmerising mechanical firing
  • Easy to use design
  • Reloads faster than any other rubber band gun on the market
  • Modelled after the classic “1911” handgun

Product Details

Let the office warfare commence as you dive over chairs, seek refuge under desks and choose your unsuspecting target to fire a series of elastic bands at with your 1911 Rubber Band Gun!

With its elastic precision, robust high-quality hardwood design and ability to semi-automatically fire 6 rubber bands in a short space of time, the only thing being stretched here is the elastic band.


  • One 1911 Rubber Band Gun
  • Modelled after the classic “1911” handgun
  • Designed using robust, high-quality hardwoods: Maple and Walnut
  • Semi-automatically fires 6 rubber bands