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  • Create a hand sign to go with your note
  • Each sticky note starts out as a high five
  • Fold the fingers to create the gesture of your choice
  • Point, give a thumbs up or throw up your rock horns

Product Details

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and with these Handy Sticky Notes you are able to write a note and make a picture with a gesture of your choice. Bored of the traditional square shaped sticky note and wanting something more fun to brighten up your day? This could be your answer.

Each pack of Handy Sticky Notes contains 3 pads giving you a total of 90 paper sticky notes to do what you want with. Every individual note has the same surface area and colour as the traditional sticky note to ensure you’re not missing out.


  • One pack of Handy Sticky Notes
  • Hand shaped sticky notes that you can change shape - point, thumbs up and more…
  • Classic yellow colour
  • 3 pads per pack - 90 sticky notes in total
  • Same surface area as a traditional sticky note
  • Dimensions: 10.5cm (H) x 12.2cm (W) x 0.4cm (D)