Suck UK Salt and Pepper Bots

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  • Wage cyber-war on bland flavours with your robot minions
  • Each set includes 1 x Salt Bot and 1 x Pepper Bot
  • Deliver salt and pepper to other diners without leaving your seat
  • Wind the Bots up and watch them go!
  • A hilarious gift for sci-fi fans and the tech savvy

Product Details

These fantastic Salt and Pepper Bots are the future of salt and pepper distribution: wind them up and watch them whir around the table!

Providing plenty of robotic motion between dishes, platters and plates, there’s never a dull moment at dinner time with these excitable seasoning simulants shuffling around.


  • One Salt and Pepper Bots set
  • Includes:
    • 1 x Salt Shaker Bot
    • 1 x Pepper Shaker Bot
  • Wind them up and watch them march across the table
  • Pass the salt without leaving your chair - the future is now!
  • Your very own seasoning dispensing robot butlers
  • Dimensions approx: 9.5cm (H) x 7cm (W) x 3cm (D)