Suck UK Message in a Box

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  • Uniquely customisable and memorable option for gift-giving
  • Re-record personalised messages as many times as you want so that they are perfect every time
  • Cardboard box is sturdy and easily assembled
  • Includes gold foil bow to top off your gift so that it is ready to deliver

Product Details

Give a voice to a generous gesture with the Record Your Own Message Gift Box. Whether you wish to give warm words, a cheeky in-joke, or a celebratory song, this unique gift box has you covered. Fitted with a recording device and speaker, the box plays your message back when opened to charm and surprise the recipient, and can be re-recorded as many times as you please in order to get it right.

The Record Your Own Message Gift Box plays back your recorded message when opened, and is made from sturdy cardboard and includes a gold foil bow.


  • One Record Your Own Message in a Box
  • Fitted with a small speaker for recorded message
  • Press and hold the button to record and re-record messages
  • Message plays when box is opened
  • Crafted from sturdy cardboard
  • Can be folded together and assembled in seconds
  • Includes gold foil printed bow
  • Dimensions approx: 14cm/5.5" x 19cm/7.4"