Suck UK Fridge Bottle Opener

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  • Stainless steel bottle opener in retro red
  • Magnetically stick to your fridge
  • No more “where is the bottle opener?”
  • Easily and effortlessly open a refreshing drink anytime

Product Details

The sweet taste of a refreshing cola waits in your fridge. You give into temptation but where is the bottle opener? Teeth work for some people, but we wouldn’t recommend it - your brittle gnashers probably aren’t quite up to the task. This is where the Fridge Bottle Opener comes to the rescue and refuses to disappear in the depths of your kitchen utensil drawer.

The vibrant red Fridge Bottle Opener is made from highly recyclable stainless steel and has a super strong magnet that will cling to your fridge without scratching it. Easy to use and will open your bottles in a flash, this is a handy tool for any kitchen!


  • One Fridge Bottle Opener
  • Available in a vibrant red colour
  • Sticks easily to your fridge and removes bottle caps
  • Made of recyclable stainless steel and a super strong magnetic that will not scratch your fridge
  • Dimensions: 20.3cm (H) x 12.7cm (W) x 2.5cm (D)