Suck UK Concrete Cable Holder

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  • Minimalistic Concrete Cable Holder to manage all of your electrical wires
  • Made from real concrete
  • Occupies very little space whilst still being of practical use
  • Great gift idea for the person whose cables are always knotted

Product Details

Tired of all your wires and cables intertwining and causing a mess? Well, don’t get your pants (or your wires) in a twist with the Concrete Cable Holder.

This simplistic contemporary concrete piece is designed to keep all of your wire trails right where they’re supposed to be, and within arms reach at a moment's notice. Great for keeping your desk tidy and organised, or use the Concrete Cable Holder as a modern and minimalist bedside table accessory.


  • One Concrete Cable Holder
  • Keep all of your cables neat and tidy
  • Suited perfectly for any desk, study or bedside table
  • Perfect for phone and tablet chargers, laptop power leads and headphone wires
  • Made from real concrete
  • Also doubles as a paperweight
  • Dimensions: 3cm (H) x 5.8cm (W) x 3.3cm (D)