Suck UK Cat DJ Scratching Deck

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  • Do you suspect that your cat moonlights as an international DJ?
  • Confirm your suspicions with the Cat DJ Scratching Deck
  • Scratching posts are so blasé, give your pet something new to play with
  • Spinning mixing deck for scratching
  • Poseable tone arm for batting

Product Details

Do you think that your cat is hiding some mega DJ skills? Are they the next Cat-vin Harris? Ready and waiting is the Suck UK Cat Scratching DJ Deck which is sure to bring out your cat’s inner Avicii.

Featuring a spinnable mixing deck-shaped scratching mat with poseable tone arm, the Cat DJ Scratching Deck is easy to assemble and comes flatpacked with illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions. The deck covers all bases as it’s perfect for exercise and sheer cat pleasure. Gone are the days of scratched up furniture, your cat will be too preoccupied perfecting their turntable swag.


  • One Cat DJ Scratching Deck
  • Product comes flat packed - simple structure with poseable tone arm and spinning top
  • Black and grey colour scheme
  • Materials: Cardboard, wood
  • 34.9cm (H) x 14.6cm (W) x 38.7 cm (D)