Steepletone Ibiza Tube Speaker

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  • Versatile speaker offers USB, Bluetooth, Radio and SD options to play your favourite tunes
  • Light up your home with chilled vibes, or boost the mood at your next party
  • Offers 4 light modes that can be selected and adjusted to suit your personal taste
  • Ideal gift for any friend who takes pride in their parties, or for any music lover

Product Details

Get the party started with the Steepletone Ibiza Speaker. A 2-in-1 light show and speaker. the full-function remote control enables you to customise the light and sound to suit your vibe, whether you’re lounging on the sofa or dancing with your mates.

Play audio from any device with USB or wireless Bluetooth, or tune into the radio. Offering 4 different light modes, the colour changes with the beat of the music for a mesmerising effect. Makes a great gift for anyone who loves to entertain, or for any music lover.

The Steepletone Ibiza Tube Speaker is a multi-functional statement speaker with four light modes. Offers a spectrum of light modes which flash and fade to the tempo of the music. Stands over 1 metre tall.


  • One Steepletone Ibiza Tube Speaker
  • Light up tube speaker
  • Multi-functional speaker with 4 playback options:
    • Radio
    • Bluetooth
    • USB
    • SD card
  • Stands over 1 metre tall
  • Equipped with 2 speakers and 2 tweeters
  • Produces over 100W of sound
  • 4 light modes:
    • Sound-to-light with flashing spectrum of LEDs
    • Smooth fade and bleed to tempo
    • Rainbow effect with 3 colours at once
    • Mood light activated with or without music
  • Full-function remote control to adjust song, function, light mode, volume, bass, treble, and more