Samurai Sword Umbrella

FIZZ 9036
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  • The ultimate umbrella for samurai fans
  • Sleek, katana-like handle
  • Keep your hands free with a practical carry strap
  • Protect yourself from the rain with the push of a button
  • Large canopy makes for excellent rain cover

Product Details

Show the rain no mercy. Unsheathe your Samurai Umbrella and swathe a graceful path through the elements. The double length handle, which is maybe probably based on ancient sword forging techniques, allows you keep a grip when facing your watery foe.

The Samurai Umbrella keeps you dry with the added bonus of looking awesome at the same time.


  • One Samurai Umbrella
  • Stylized samurai “katana sword” long handle
  • Includes nylon sheathe with carry strap
  • Push button opening action!
  • Dimensions approx: 97cm long, 104cm open diameter