RED5 H.e T900 Speaker

SOURCE 52119
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  • Bring any party to life with the H.e T900 Speaker
  • LED display lights up to create vibrant light shows
  • Sound responsive settings change and morph the lights in time to your favourite tunes
  • Multiple forms of playback: Bluetooth, NFC, 3.5mm cable, USB and MicroSD card
  • Can also be used as a speaker for your computer or laptop

Product Details

The H.e T900 Speaker is a versatile wireless speaker that puts out 7W of high quality stereo sound, includes multiple forms of input, boasts an onboard voice guide and a splashproof rating of IPX4.

However the real party piece comes from the side of the T900 dominated by a vibrant, built-in LED display that flares to life when music is played. Choose from 5 different types of spectacular lightshow - 2 of which are sound responsive, meaning the lights will dance along in time to your favourite tunes!

The H.e T900 Speaker includes Bluetooth and NFC wireless connectivity, but can also play music via the included 3.5mm audio cable. There’s even a slot to insert and play music via MicroSD card. The T900 recharges via USB cable (also included) and can be hooked up to function as a computer or laptop speaker.


  • One H.e T900 Speaker
  • Wireless bluetooth speaker with changing lightshow display
  • Includes:
    • 1 x T900 Speaker unit
    • 1 x Micro USB cable
    • 1 x 3.5mm audio cable
    • 1 x Instructions
  • 5 different light animation modes
    • Club: Sound responsive! Lights will bounce in time to your music
    • Equalize: Sound responsive! The LED display light up just like an equalizer
    • Groove: A calming effect, the LED lights will fade through every colour
    • Rainbow: Diagonal bands of colour light up the speaker
    • Meteor: Strands of colour pulse up the speaker’s LED display
  • Gravity sensor changes the orientation of animations relative to the speaker
  • Voice Guide - the T900 speaks aloud to confirm settings changes
  • Wireless connectivity: NFC audio and Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wired connectivity: 3.5mm line in and USB
  • Also compatible with MicroSD card playback, with cards up to 32GB in size (not included)
  • Can be used as a computer or laptop speaker
  • Can answer phone calls when paired with a mobile device
  • 7W high quality stereo sound
  • Waterproof IPX4 (splashproof)
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Charges via USB (charge time 4 to 5 hours approx.)
  • 3 to 4 hours of playback with animations from a single charge (up to 8 hours without animations)
  • Dimensions approx: 8cm (H) x 18cm (W) x 7cm (D)