PyroPet BiBi Candle

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  • A candle that hides a unique surprise
  • Cute little birdy or deadly predator?
  • Keep the skeleton forever!
  • Available in sunshine yellow and refreshing mint green

Product Details

Getting it’s cute name from the Icelandic word “Bíbí,” meaning “birdie,” the equally cute PyroPet Bibi Bird Candle makes an adorable addition to any mantelpiece, coffee table or dresser.

However, don’t forget that most birds are deadly hunters. As the candle wax melts away the Bibi’s fierce metal skeleton breaks free, revealing the predator within - albeit a teeny-tiny and strangely lovable predator.

The PyroPet Bibi Bird Candle has a burn time of 6 hours and comes in 2 different colours: Yellow and Mint Green. Once the candle has burnt through, the skeleton can be kept and displayed.


  • One PyroPet Bibi Bird Candle
  • Available in 2 colours:
    • Yellow
    • Mint Green
  • Reveals a metallic skeleton as the candle melts away
  • Skeleton makes for a unique ornament and display piece
  • Candle made from paraffin wax with a cotton wick
  • Skeleton made from aluminium
  • Each candle will melt in it’s own unique way
  • “Bíbí ” translates to “birdie” in Icelandic
  • Burn time approx: 6 hours
  • Dimensions approx: 9cm (H) x 5.6cm (W) x 7.9cm (D)
  • The original skeleton candle maker, PyroPet was founded in 2011
  • PyroPet Bibi Bird Candles are certified to meet US and EU candle safety standards
  • Burn within sight, keep away from flammable materials and children