Psycho Drops Killer Million Extract Drops

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  • 30ml of unrelenting spice and heat
  • Psycho Serum is made from a 1 Million Scoville Capsaicin Extract
  • Can be used to add a kick to your food or prank your friends
  • Use as cooking additive only

Product Details

Take a seat and get ready to eat. This is no easy feat, prepare for the Killer Million heat! Dr. Burnorium’s Hot Sauce Emporium brings you Psycho Drops Killer Million; a one million Scoville Capsaicin Extract to bring the searing spice at a tidy price.

Advised not to consume directly and instead use only as a cooking additive, Psycho Drops will add a hell of a kick to your food. Also makes a perfect gift for those who think they can handle their spice.


  • One Psycho Drops Killer Million
  • From Dr Burnorium's Hot Sauce Emporium
  • Add a kick to your food like no other
  • Perfect gift idea for the chilihead and lovers of spice
  • Intense spice level; 1 Million Scoville Capsaicin Extract
  • Use as cooking additive only
  • Heat level: 10+++
  • 30ml bottle
  • Please note: not to be consumed directly!
  • Disclaimer: I have been warned and fully understand that these products contain extreme heat and should be used and handled responsibly