Presidential Eraser

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  • Sizeable eraser replicating the President
  • Finely crafted details
  • Extra large eraser for countless uses
  • Erase fake news out of your life

Product Details

All of the realistic eye-sore of the President with none of the lies. Hiding your mistakes with this Presidential Eraser will be as easy as hiding nuclear deals with Iran.

Take pleasure in aggressively rubbing out this President’s head whilst simultaneously fixing whatever errors you’ve incurred. With such gigantic size, this eraser will last longer than a full term of presidency.


  • One Presidential Eraser
  • Shaped like a famed actor that happens to be President
  • Finely sculpted realistic likeness
  • Orange colour scheme
  • Made from 100% TPR material (PVC free)
  • Dimensions: 8.4cm (H) x 5.4cm (W) x 4.1cm (D)