Party Face Straws

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  • The perfect party icebreaker
  • Put out these silly straws and watch the fun unfold
  • Take hilarious pictures and silly selfies with your friends
  • Doubled sided straws make for 20 faces!

Product Details

With a variety if ten brilliantly amusing straws to choose from, the Party Face Straws are the ideal ice breaker at parties and social events!

Whether you fancy donning a goatee, some sultry red lipstick, a gruesome grimace or a playful smile, included is a set of 10 drinking straws with amusingly realistic photo face straw toppers to transform your appearance in the simplest of ways!


  • One Party Face Straws
  • Set of 10
  • Doubled sided straws - 20 faces
  • Great gift for the fun-loving party animal
  • Break the ice at social events
  • Straw toppers can be reused with different straws
  • Retail packaged