Orb Retro Games Console

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  • Large selection of 16-bit games offers something for everyone
  • Authentic retro console is updated to plug straight into your TV
  • Equipped with 2 controllers so you can go head to head with friends and family
  • Makes a perfect gift for any gamer, or for anyone who grew up in the 80s or 90s

Product Details

Indulge your nostalgia (and competitive) streak with the Orb Gaming Retro Games Console. Inspired by early video gaming in the 1980s, this console sports an authentic retro look but is updated to plug directly into your TV for a modern gaming experience.

With a selection of over 400 16-bit games, the Orb Gaming Retro Games Console promises hours of fun and has something for everyone, whether you fancy arcade-style challenges, shooting, puzzles, or sports based games. Makes an ideal gift for any original gamer.

The Retro Console includes 2 controllers for multiplayer use and plugs straight into your TV. Includes over 400 games. RCA and UK power cables included.


  • One Orb Gaming Retro Games Console
  • Authentic retro design inspired by the 80s
  • Includes over 400 16-bit games
  • Includes 2 x controllers for multiplayer use
  • Plugs directly into your TV
  • RCA and UK power cables included