Wacaco Minipresso Nespresso Pod Machine

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  • Portable espresso machine for delicious coffee on the go
  • Compatible with Nespresso® Pods!
  • Simple to load and use
  • Take the Minipresso NS hiking, camping or to festivals
  • Minipresso NS makes the espresso, then add your own ingredients for exciting coffee drinks anywhere, anytime

Product Details

Compact, sleek, solid and with remarkable quality similar to that of a traditional machine, the Wacaco Minipresso NS Portable Espresso Machine provides you with a hand powered, on-the-go tool to quickly prepare delicious Espresso shots.

This NS model uses Nespresso® Pods, the advantage being that the coffee is ground, measured and tamped with a higher precision than could ever be achieved by hand. It’s also infinitely more convenient, relatively mess free and it makes the Minipresso NS easier to clean after use.

Simple to load - and with a wide variety of Nespresso® Pods available - it’s easy to enjoy a wonderfully rich and bold shot of espresso wherever you are, as the Wacaco Minipresso NS has been designed to be the smallest, lightest and most versatile handheld espresso machine around.


  • One Wacaco Minipresso NS
  • Portable Espresso Machine
  • New Model: for use with Nespresso® Pods!
  • Also includes:
    • Built-in espresso cup
    • Full instructions
    • Cleaning brush
  • Wide variety of Nespresso® Pods available
  • Solid & compact hand-powered portable coffee machine
  • Perfect for espresso or coffee on the go
  • Doesn't require compressed air, N2O cartridges or electricity for operation
  • Simple to fill and operate
  • Water capacity: 70ml/2.35oz
  • Average pressure of 8 bar 116 psi
  • Made from PBT, PP and stainless steel - 100% BPA free
  • Dimensions approx: 17.5cm x 7cm x 6cm
  • Please note: does not heat water