Magic Mystic 8 Ball

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  • The retro question answering pool ball
  • A toy box staple since the 1950's
  • Give it a shake to tell the future
  • Remember to ask you question aloud, or the magic won't work

Product Details

A toy box classic, the Mystic 8 Ball is as mysterious as it is magical, and is said to contain boundless wisdom within its murky depths.

To gain access to this otherworldly knowledge, all you need to do is speak their question aloud and give the Mystic 8 Ball a hearty shake, before turning the ball over to reveal the answer.


  • One Mystic 8 Ball
  • The classic question answering pool ball that’s been around since the 1950’s
  • Give it a shake and turn it over to reveal your answer
  • 20 possible answers