Madwish Pro Truth or Dare Drinking Game

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  • MadWish Pro, a madcap twist on the classic game of Truth or Dare
  • Tell the Truth, accept the Dare to take a shot!
  • “Go” cards contain tasks for the whole room to try at once
  • Don't forget to Snitch when you get the chance, as you'll get to make up your own Truth or Dare
  • Flirt, Snitch and drink your way to victory

Product Details

Enter the mad mad world of MadWish Pro and take the classic game of Truth or Dare to a whole other level! Spin the spinner and let MadWish decide your fate. With 250 unique interactive assignments, anything could happen.

MadWish Pro adds 2 new mechanics to this already legendary party game: “Go” and “Snitch.” Draw a Go card and the whole room will have to complete a task - e.g. Everyone has to touch the shortest person in the room, last one takes a shot - but you’ve really hit the jackpot if the spinner lands on Snitch. This lets you decide on another player who has to take on a Truth or Dare of your own invention. Either that, or you can skip the middleman and command them to take a shot!


  • One MadWish Pro Game
  • A madcap twist on the classic game of Truth or Dare
  • Includes:
    • Playing Board
    • Rules Page
    • 100 x Truth cards
    • 100 x Dare cards
    • 50 x Go cards
    • Shot glass
    • MadWish bottle spinner
    • Attachment pin
  • Answer the Truth, do the Dare, complete a Go task or take a shot
  • 250 unique interactive assignments
  • Added to the mix are the “Go” cards, tasks that the whole room has to complete - loser takes a shot!
  • You can even “Snitch” on someone by making up a Truth or Dare assignment, or letting them take a shot
  • Perfect for pre and afterparties
  • For 2-99 players!
  • Please Note: For ages 18+ only, please drink responsibly