Luckies Scratch Map Travel Edition

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  • A travel sized edition of the famous Scratch Map
  • Take it with you on your globetrotting adventures
  • Scratch off all the places you've visited
  • Flip it over to reveal a travel planner
  • Each person will scratch off different countries, creating a personalised pattern every time
  • Reveal a wealth of information hiding underneath the foil layer

Product Details

It’s small enough to carry with you and comes in a tough tube to store away safely – making it perfect for that road trip or for those who are going backpacking.

The Scratch Map Travel Edition includes a zoomed in version of Europe to scratch away, should you tour there.

As well as showing off your visited countries, it also comes with some top tips and interesting facts for your time abroad.
For example, did you know nodding your head in Bulgaria means ‘NO’ and shaking your head means ‘YES’?

The Scratch Map Travel Edition also includes spaces for you to write down your favourite music of the trips, your top ten highlights and the best buddy you made.
Flip it over and there’s a blank version of the world to plan your route as well!


  • One Scratch Map, Travel Edition
  • Sturdy carrying tube
  • Fits into your rucksack without taking too much space
  • Reveal your visited countries by scratching away at the gold layer
  • Includes fascinating facts and top tips
  • Spaces to write the music you loved, people you met and more
  • Size of the map: 42cm x 29.7cm
  • A genuine alternative to a travel diary
  • Frame not included