Luckies On Board Compact Travel Kit

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  • A perfect fit for your hand luggage
  • Compact and well-labelled so you don't have to faff about finding everything
  • Take preventative measures for your travelling woes - beat the travel terrors!
  • Includes a selection of different essentials to ensure your needs are met, whatever the eventuality

Product Details

Whether you’re a premium traveller or get nauseous just checking into a flight, the On Board Compact Travel Kit is designed to make your life easier and block out all the mayhem on board.

As well as being designed to look like a stylish metal suitcase with its own handle and set of wheels, this travel-sized pack covers all the essentials including an eye mask, face towel, anti-nausea band, ear plugs, notebook & pen. Makes travel as easy as 1,2,3.


  • One On Board Compact Travel Kit
  • Includes:
    • Eye mask
    • Face towel
    • Anti-nausea band
    • Ear plugs
    • Notebook & pen
  • Robust metal case
  • Suitable for carry on baggage