Luckies I'm As Big As Height Chart

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  • Are you as tall as “the highest recorded jump by a pig?”
  • Compare your height to famous people and things
  • Perfect for growing kids
  • 190 height comparisons - from a drawing pin to a giant

Product Details

Ever wondered how you measure up to Father Christmas or Elvis Presley? Have an inkling that Grandma is half the size of a giant panda sitting down? Well with the I’m As Big As height chart all your questions will be answered and you will know once and for all whether your dad could look a baby giraffe straight in the eyes.

The Luckies of London I’m As Big As poster is a paper wall chart that will allow you to compare the heights of your family and friends with famous people and well known objects from around the world. That’s much more exciting than just knowing you’re 5”1 and struggle seeing over the crowds at a festival, right?


  • One I’m As Big As Height Chart
  • Made by Luckies of London Ltd
  • Compare your family’s heights to famous people and well known objects
  • Starts at just 1cm
  • Paper wall chart