Kikkerland Water From A Stone

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  • Go away for a few days without worrying about your plants
  • Keeps your plants supplied with water for 3-4 days
  • A lovely decoration for your pots
  • A useful gift for any gardener

Product Details

Unique and innovative, Water From a Stone remarkably waters your plants over a four day period using a method where water is slowly released, making sure enough water gets to your plants when necessary.

When away for a few days, a common concern is whether your beloved plants will be watered at the right times, but now all past worry has been replaced with two hand-blown glass stone containers, which will keep them perfectly watered and nourished until you get back.


  • Set of hand blown glass stones
  • For potted plants
  • Perfect gardeners gift
  • Fill once, and keep plants watered for 3-4 days
  • Holds 207 ml water
  • Full instructions included