Huggable Narwhal Travel Pillow

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  • Super soft travel pillow
  • A range of cute animal designs to choose from
  • Channel the majestic Narwhal and migrate during the summer with your travel buddy
  • Perfect for commutes, holidays and sleepovers

Product Details

The Huggable Narwhal Travel Pillow is the perfect companion for long journeys. Should you choose to migrate during the summer like this majestic beast, then its super soft design and curved shape will ensure that you can comfortably nap along the way.

Great for holidays, big commutes and sleepovers, the Huggable Narwhal Travel Pillow will support your head and neck when it’s time for a snooze. Not just a comfy pillow, your aquatic friend also sports an flipper and a possibly magical horn.


  • One Huggable Narwhal Travel Pillow
  • Supports your head and neck when it’s time for a snooze
  • Super soft and squishy feel
  • Microbead filling
  • Bright blue design with flipper and horn
  • Dimensions approx: 35cm (H) x 52cm (W) x 10cm (D)