His & Hers Piggy Bank

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  • Entertain yourself and your partner with this hilarious version of a piggy bank
  • A fun gift for a couple that just moved in together
  • Keep all your loose change in order
  • A rubber bung makes it easy to empty the jar and start all over again

Product Details

Drop your loose change into the top of His and Hers Piggy Bank and listen to the coins rattle down into the somewhat plumper “Hers” pig, poised and ready to bank the day’s takings. What a hog.

To make matters worse, this cheeky swine has made sure that the cash is safely stashed behind a rubber bung hidden by her trotters.

The His and Hers Piggy Bank is a great visual gag and a spacious jar for saving up all those loose coins.


  • One His and Hers Piggy Bank
  • Double decker savings jar
  • Rubber bung on underside of the Pink Pig
  • Pigs do not come apart
  • Ceramic
  • Dimensions approx: 19cm (H) x 13.3cm (W) x 10.8cm (D)