Hexbug Battleground Spider Double Pack

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  • Futuristic voice, sound effects, and expressive movement captures the action and drama of a sci-fi battle
  • Design features unique, battle-worn deco
  • Hi-tech battle capabilities include 360 degree steering, a firing range of 1 metre, and an infrared sensor to measure hits and damage
  • Makes a perfect gift for any fan of sci-fi, robots, or unique gadgets

Product Details

Enter a sci-fi inspired arena of your own imagining with the HEXBUG Battleground Spiders. With this set of 2 spiders, you can face off against your friends with the ultimate battle experience.

Fitted with hi-tech infrared technology, these expressive spider bots can “blast” each other - successful hits measured with a built-in sensor, and react and recoil with each hit. After 10 hits, the losing bot will shut down, a lifelike heartbeat flashing to signal its defeat. Scurry, dodge, and attack with remote controlled commands until there is one bot standing. Makes a fantastic gift for any fan of sci-fi, gadgets, or techie toys.

This Set of 2 HEXBUG Battleground Spiders Dial Pack includes 1 x Orange Battle Spider and 1 x Blue Battle Spider. Batteries included. Recommended for ages 8 and up.


  • One Set of 2 HEXBUG Battleground Spiders Dual Pack
  • Includes:
    • 1 x Battle Spider 2.0 in Orange
    • 1 x Battle Spider 2.0 in Blue
  • Designed for multiplayer face-offs
  • Futuristic voice and sound effects
  • Hi-tech infrared sensor measures each hit
  • 1 metre firing range
  • Bots can fire once per second or continuously until hit
  • 360 degree steering
  • LED forward eye
  • 2-channel remote allows user to control multiple spiders at the same time or independently
  • Unique and battleworn deco
  • Batteries included
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up