Hand Boiler

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  • Grasp the hand boiler in your palm and observe
  • The liquid will magically rise up the tube to the bulb on top
  • The colourful liquid will go through loops or spirals on the way up
  • Also known as the “love meter”
  • Assorted colours - red, blue, green and purple

Product Details

Clench the Hand Boiler and watch the liquid bubble mysteriously from one end to the other, seemingly defying gravity and common sense!

Commonly known as the Love Meter, the Hand Boiler is a fantastic scientific glass sculpture that provides plenty of mystic fun whilst magically measuring the extent of your love!

When grasped, amazingly the heat from your hand forces the liquid to make its way through the middle eight, and boil madly at the top of the bulb.


  • One Hand Boiler
  • Available in red, blue, green and purple
  • Great novelty collector’s item
  • Dimensions: 16 cm (H) x 4cm (Diameter)
  • Colours available on request - but cannot be guaranteed