Grow It Carnivorous

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  • Grow It set to plant and nurture your own Pitcher and Venus Flytrap Plants
  • Includes everything you need from the seeds and instructions to the plant pots and compost
  • Compost discs expand when watered to nurture your carnivorous friends
  • Watch the Pitcher Plant and Venus Flytrap slowly devour every poor insect that has the misfortune to wander into its path

Product Details

You will find everything you need to raise your own Venus Fly Traps in this Grow It Carnivorous Plants set. A native of the boggy areas of North and South Carolina, the Venus Flytrap has gained international recognition for its deadly appetite!

They gain their nutrients from soil and gas in the air, however, this is not enough to sate their hunger. The fastest way to retrieve the nutrients they need is to take it from another living organism and this they do with the snap of their spiny jaws. Growing and nurturing your carnivorous pet plants is only part of the fun - watch as pesky flies land on your Venus Fly Trap and are quickly chomped up.


  • One Grow It Carnivorous Plants set
  • Includes
    • 1 x packet of Venus Fly Trap seeds
    • 1 x packet of Pitcher Plant seeds
    • 5 x starter growing pots
    • 5 x natural compost discs
    • 5 x wooden plant markers
    • 1 x growing instruction booklet
  • Everything you need to raise your own killer plants
  • Let the Venus Flytrap and the Pitcher Plant exterminate all the pesky flies in your house without any effort
  • Starter growing pots are made from coconut husk
  • Compost discs expand when watered to nurture your carnivorous friends