Golf Ball Finder Glasses

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  • No, they're not 80's sunglasses
  • Blue lenses help you spot golf balls in rough or long grass by counteracting the colour green
  • Less time searching for lost balls means more time on the fairways
  • Just the thing for the golfing “master” in your life

Product Details

Spend less time looking for wayward balls and more time practising your swing!

Grab yourself a pair of these nifty Golf Ball Glasses for the driving range, and never worry about a single ball going out of sight again.

When you put on the especially blue-tinted glasses, they will highlight anything white – meaning no ball will escape your attention!


  • One set of Golf Ball Glasses
  • Includes protective pouch
  • No UV protection – try not to look directly into the sun!
  • Great gift for golf fanatics