Glitter Wine Bottle Glass

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BM 1581-GL

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  • The perfect gift for wine enthusiasts
  • A fun addition to any party
  • Kick back and never worry about a refill
  • Ideal for days when a single glass of wine just doesn't cut it
  • You can honestly say that you've only had one drink

Product Details

The terrific Wine Bottle Glass is the perfect glittery gift for wine lovers, combining both a wine bottle and glass; this unique drinking vessel lets you consume a whole bottle of wine without ever having to top up your glass!

Ideal for those who aren’t too keen on sharing, and want to quaff their wine quick - the words ‘Finally! A wine glass that fits my needs!’ are triumphantly written on the bottle in glittery letters, providing some extravagant entertainment.


  • One Wine Bottle Glass
  • Glitter Edition
  • Novelty drinking vessel
  • Perfect for wine lovers
  • Holds a 750ml bottle of wine
  • Made from non-tempered glass
  • Never refill your glass again!
  • Dimensions: 29cm (H)