Prosecco Bath Bombs Pack of 10

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  • Bathe in golden glitter as the bath bombs explode, fizz, and dissolve
  • Treat your senses with the fragrance of Prosecco
  • Set of 10 bath bombs will last several baths
  • Makes a glamourous and thoughtful gift for anyone who loves Prosecco or who deserves a bit of pampering

Product Details

Bring the bubbly to your bath, in more ways than one. These Prosecco Bath Bombs are a decadent indulgence that will make bath time heavenly. Drop them in the bath to unleash a delightful Prosecco fragrance and watch the water turn to golden glitter! Makes an ideal gift for anyone who deserves some serious pampering.

These Prosecco Bath Bombs arrive in a set of 10 and sport an impressive golden sheen and Prosecco scent.


  • One Set of Prosecco Bath Bombs
  • Decadent golden colour
  • Set includes 10 bath bombs
  • Prosecco scented
  • Bath bombs release gold glitter as they fizz and dissolve