Worm Attack: Giant 1kg Gummy Worm

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  • Amaze your sweet-tooth friends with this Giant Gummy Worm
  • 160 x times the size of a normal gummy worm!
  • Makes for a unique party centerpiece
  • Do you have the belly to tackle this jelly alone? (We don't recommend it)

Product Details

Over 2 foot long and 160 times bigger than its puny pick 'n' mix counterpart, the Worm Attack: giant Gummy Worm is like some sort of prehistoric jelly beast, from a bygone era when colossal candy behemoths ruled the earth.

You can try to take on the Worm Attack: Giant Gummy Worm by yourself, but we recommend getting some friends over to help - especially as each of the Worm’s 37 individual segments can be cut up for easy sharing.


  • One Worm Attack: Giant Gummy Worm
  • Massive gummy sweet
  • Assorted double flavour/colour combos: Orange & Blue Raspberry, Strawberry & Blackcurrant, Lemon & Green Apple
  • 160 times bigger than standard gummy worm
  • Over 2 foot long!
  • Comprised of 37 individual segments that can be cut up for easy serving