Galileo Thermometer

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  • 5 blown glass balls marked 18-26° Celsius
  • Watch them rise and fall as the temperature changes
  • Named for the famous scientist and mathematician Galileo Galilei
  • A beautiful glass piece, perfect for your living room, kitchen or office

Product Details

Provide your room with a scientific and beautifully artistic presence, with the colourful Galileo Thermometer - a spectacular, Renaissance inspired ornament.

Gauged using the principle of early thermometers, relying on the relationship between temperature and density, the bright glass weighted balls elegantly rise and fall according to the temperature, smartly revealing how warm the room is.


  • One Galileo Thermometer
  • Attractive glass ornament
  • 5 blown glass balls marked 18-26° Celsius
  • Balls rise and fall according to temperature
  • Lowest floating ball represents temperature
  • Information sheet included
  • Exquisite design
  • Dimensions: 28cm (H)