Foooty Pack Collapsible Football

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  • Flat elements combined to make 3D shapes
  • Create balls and toys by connecting and shaping the pieces
  • Have a kickabout: resistant to kicks and tricks
  • Each pack contains 10 elements
  • That's enough to create a football, rugby ball, frisbee, rocket or juggling balls!

Product Details

No room in your bag or suitcase for a ball, but fancy a good old fashion kickabout? Perfect for holidays or a day at the park, the FOOOTY is a unique construction toy that will fit in any pocket and can be shaped into all sorts of different balls and toys!

Each FOOOTY Pack includes 10 separate “Elements” that can be combined into various different shapes: simply follow the included instructions to connect the pieces and bend them into place. Some of the possible constructions include a football, rugby ball, frisbee and a rocket! Combine FOOOTY Packs together to make even bigger, multicoloured creations.


  • One FOOOTY Pack
  • Each pack contains 10 “elements”
  • Choose from 3 colours:
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Blue
  • Click individual elements together to create different balls, toys and shapes
  • 10 elements can make a football, frisbee, rugby ball, star, rocket and 5 juggling balls!
  • The ball that fits every pocket: Take it anywhere, make it anywhere, play with anyone
  • Combine multiple FOOOTY Packs to make even bigger creations
  • Strong enough to be kicked, light enough to bounce off windows
  • Elasticated strap (included) keeps your FOOOTY elements together during travel
  • Instructions included
  • Made from recyclable PP
  • Designed in Holland