Dino Egg Soap

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  • Green and yellow egg-shaped soap, concealing a toy dinosaur inside
  • Keep cleaning in the sink or bath to reveal the toy inside
  • Collect all 10 variations of dino
  • Encourage kids to wash their hands and wash them well
  • The faster the soap disappears, the faster the toy appears
  • Ages 3+

Product Details

Ten rare dinosaur eggs have recently been discovered from the Mesozoic Era. Coated in soap and only hatchable by hand wash, a good hygiene routine will wear away at the soapy outer layer, allowing you to claim your very own Prehistoric pet.

This fun interactive soap is the gift that keeps on giving. Keep washing with the soap in the sink or bath to unearth the dinosaur within. Collect all 10 variations to create a Jurassic park. Make a game out of good hygiene and encourage your kids to wash their hands, but fair warning; what lies within might just snap at their fingers!


  • One Dino Egg Soap
  • Each egg contains 1 x assorted dinosaur toy
  • Keep using the soap to release the dinosaur inside
  • Green and yellow colour scheme for the dino egg
  • Clean and collect with 10 different variations of dinosaur to discover
  • Great idea for promoting good hygiene and clean hands for kids and adults alike
  • Themed packaging replicating an adorable green dino with red spines
  • Dimensions approx: 7.75cm (H) x 6.7cm (W) x 6.7cm (D)
  • Ages 3+