Bottle Buddy Wine Glass

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  • Designed to fit the majority of wine bottles
  • The classier version of strawpedoing your wine
  • The perfect gag gift for your best mate and their wine cabinet!

Product Details

Do you remember that time when you went to a restaurant, ordered a bottle of wine for yourself (I mean it’s cheaper than buying 3 large glasses!) and the waiter jokingly remarked, “would you like a straw with that?” Remember how you laughed and said “no,” but secretly wanted to say yes? With the Bottle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass, here is your chance - your chance to say “YES!”

From Chards to Chablis, from Pinot to Prosecco, the Bottle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass is a 13cm glass bottle top with a silicone seal, designed to fit almost all wine bottles (and personalities).


  • One Bottle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass
  • A glass bottle top with silicone seal
  • Just the thing for wine aficionados
  • Approx. 13cm