Blocklite Mini 9V Mini Torch

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  • Highly portable - perfect for outdoor activities
  • Only 1 x 9v battery needed (included)
  • 6 LEDs ensure good visibility in any situation
  • Simple battery replacement - just clip the Blocklite on a new 9v battery

Product Details

Stripping back all the bells and whistles, the Blocklite 9v Mini Torch clips straight to the top of a 9 volt battery, which in turn powers the bank of 6 superbright LEDs. This makes the Blocklite highly portable at only 7cm across - just the thing for when you’re travelling light on camping holidays or at festivals.

The Blocklite 9v Mini Torch has 2 light modes: choose to light up just 2 LEDs to save on power, or all 6 for maximum illumination. Includes a 9 volt battery. To replace, simply remove the Blocklite and clip on to a new battery to re-power.


  • One Blocklite 9v Mini Torch
  • Portable torch that attaches to the top of a 9v battery
  • Bank of 6 x superbright LEDs
  • 2 x light modes: 2 or 6 LEDs
  • Includes 9v battery
  • Highly portable - great for camping, hiking, holidays and festivals
  • Also makes a great addition to any tool box
  • Measures approx. 7cm across (inc. battery)