Bling Pong Prosecco Drinking Game

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  • A fabulous Bling Pong game set for hours of upmarket entertainment
  • Includes glasses, balls, playing cards and spinner
  • Amusement and excitement for all occasions
  • Play as a two or team against team to get the whole party involved

Product Details

A fun and elegant twist on beer pong that's perfect for a girls’ night in or before a girls’ night out. Bling Pong will bring your party some class and some sass, just make sure you win or you’ll fall flat on your ass!

Experience new levels of this old classic with the introduction of the spinner, a game of chance with choices like “Down In One!” and “Pick A Friend To Drink”.
This game will test not only your skills with a ping pong ball, but your luck and perhaps most importantly, your ability to hold your liquor. The stakes are high with Bling Pong, don’t lose your aim or you’ll lose your head.


  • One Bling Pong Set, includes:
    • 12 Glasses
    • 6 Balls
    • Playing Cards
    • Spinner
  • Mix your Bling Pong game up with champagne or another fabulous drink
  • First team to score all of their opponents glasses takes the victory
  • Great fun for all occasions; Christmas, Birthdays, Work dos, Hen Parties, House Parties and perfect for Pre-Drinks!