Big Potato Qwordie

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  • A mashup of a quiz and letters game
  • Perfect for anyone who loves both trivia and word puzzles
  • Steal letters to make more words and block your opponents
  • For 2+ players

Product Details

Quiz games and word puzzles have been a staple of a good game night for time immemorial. Put these two genres on a crash course and you get Qwordie! Use your letter tiles to build answers to simple quiz questions by collecting letters or stealing them off your opponents in a race to the winning line.

Qwordie is just like it’s cute mascot platypus: the parts shouldn't work as a whole, but they do. Easy to learn and quick to get into, each Qwordie games comes in a metal storage tin and includes 160 letter tiles and 400+ Qwordies to find.


  • One Qwordie game
  • Includes 160 letter tiles and 400+ Qwordies to find
  • Collect and steal letter tiles to spell out the answers to quiz questions
  • For 2+ players
  • 30mins approx. per game
  • Comes in a metal game tin
  • Recommended for Ages 14+