Big Potato Game of Phones

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  • The party game where being on your phone is encouraged
  • Includes 100 cards
  • Each instructs players to find, show, create or do something with their phone
  • Respond with the best, funniest or weirdest answer to win

Product Details

We’re the generation of ‘where’s my phone’, ‘let me just get a photo for Instagram’ and ‘have you seen Kim Kardashian’s latest snapchat?’ Which is good news, as now you can use your smartphone savvy-ness for the “greater” good. With Game of Phones, those hours of trawling through a celebrity pug’s private Twitter feed may actually pay off.

Game of Phones is a unique card game in which being phone savvy with help you win the game. One player will choose a card and the rest will have 60 seconds to use their phone to respond with the funniest, most accurate or downright bizarre thing that their imagination can come up with. Unleash your inner phone monster with over 100 cards and the endless possibilities of the internet at your fingertips. Enjoy!


  • One Game of Phones board game
  • Manufactured by Big Potato Ltd
  • A unique card game where it’s acceptable to be on your phone
  • For 3+ players
  • Originally funded using Kickstarter
  • Includes 100 cards with instructions for players to find, show, create or do something
  • Dimensions: 9.4cm (H) x 6.6cm (W) x 3.3cm (D)
  • Recommended age: 12+