Big Potato Colour Brain

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  • The quiz game where you're given the answers first - and they're all colours
  • Each crafty question requires players to pick the right colour card
  • Steal colour cards to block other teams
  • Right answers score points, but only if at least 1 other team answers wrong
  • A colourful new take on the classic game night quiz

Product Details

Well colour me confused. Colourbrain is the quiz game where you're given all the answers before you start, and as the name suggests, they’re all colours.

Players start the game with 11 colour cards in their hand. One or more of these can be used to answer crafty quiz questions, for example: what colour is Charlie Brown's shirt? Or the lid on a jar of marmite? Right answers score points, but only if at least 1 team answers wrong. Last but not least, beware Colour Catcher cards, which can steal colour cards from the team currently in the lead!


  • One Colourbrain Trivia Game
  • Start the game with all the answers in the form of 11 colour cards
  • Some questions have more than one answer (devious!)
  • Play your cards right (and hope someone else gets it wrong) to win the points
  • Beware the Color Catcher cards!
  • 2-20 players
  • Each game takes approx. 20mins
  • Scorecards included
  • Made by Big Potato
  • Recommended for Ages 14+