AirBolt Smart Luggage Lock

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  • Smart travel lock that pairs with your smartphone or tablet
  • Unlock and lock via bluetooth - no more keys or combinations!
  • Travel Sentry® approved and TSA accepted
  • For use with the free AirBolt app

Product Details

The AirBolt Smart Travel Lock means no more losing those infuriatingly tiny keys that come with suitcase padlocks, and no more forgetting the codes to combination locks. This smart lock pairs with your tablet or smartphone via the free AirBolt app for quick, simple and secure access to your suitcase and bag.

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the AirBolt Smart Travel Lock includes location tracking, proximity alert and backup password functions. You can even set up multiple users and view a history of anyone who has accessed the lock.


  • One AirBolt Smart Travel Lock
  • Unlocks via your smartphone
  • Share and manage who gets access between multiple users
  • Location tracking and proximity alert functions
  • View a history of everyone that has accessed the lock
  • Requires the free AirBolt app to use
  • Travel Sentry® approved
  • TSA accepted
  • Compatible with:
    • iOS 8 and above, iPhone 5c onwards
    • Android 5.0 and above
  • You can even set a backup password, just in case
  • Recharges via most micro USB cables (cable not included)