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Wallet Ninja

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Wallet Ninja

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Where to begin...this versatile piece of kit has four screwdrivers, six wrenches, two rulers, four openers, a fruit and veg peeler and a phone stand all squeezed into one piece of super-tough, four times heat treated steel the size of a credit card. Phew.

Making for a total of eighteen tools, the Wallet Ninja nestles in your wallet or purse, bristling with potential uses. Blending in with your bank cards, call upon the Wallet Ninja to swiftly dispatch those everyday tasks.


  • One Wallet Ninja
  • 18-in-1 Multi Tool
    • 4 x screwdrivers
    • 6 x hex wrenches
    • 2 x rulers: centimetres and inches
    • Bottle, can, box and letter openers
    • Fruit and veg peeler
    • Phone stand
  • 4 x heat treated steel - resistant to chips, rust and bending
  • Just 1.5mm thick and the size of a credit card
  • Retail packaged
  • TSA approved for carry on during flights

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