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Magic Mystic 8 Ball

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Magic Mystic 8 Ball

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Apparently the Mystic 8 Ball is very popular in America, due to it appearing on TV in a number of comedy and drama programs. Does this mean that it really is magic? Well, no actually, although there is something a bit odd about this over-sized black pool ball!

So how does it work? Well, ask a random question, give it a shake, and turn it over. The reply appears mystically on the porthole display. Some of the questions we've asked:

  • Are you really magical? - It replied, "Too early to predict"
  • Will England ever win the world cup again? It replied, "Are you kidding!"

Once you have used it a few times, you can keep it for when you need to make a decision.
It also doubles as a paperweight, and as it looks like a giant 8 ball from a pool table, it's oddly cool.


  • One Magic Mystic 8 Ball
  • Give it a shake, turn it over and it'll make a decision for you!
  • An unusual gift that makes for some funny answers
  • Gift boxed